Opportunity for Growth

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Writing has always been a way for me to ‘work things out’ in my life. It has been an invaluable tool to help me get on track; move forward. The writing below is one of my most gut wrenching self-therapy sessions. Through this writing, I was able to take a devastating circumstance and begin to not only see hope, but to reawaken the strength I had found in difficult circumstance. In this short letter that I wrote to myself, I bear the process of ‘remembering’ my inner tools and resources. It is my wish that you might be reminded of the strength within yourself to embrace your inner guidance … no matter what life brings.

When it comes to our ‘faults’ our memories are quite remarkable! When it comes to how others have ‘victimized’ us, again, our stellar memory recall is extraordinary (maybe even ‘enhanced’ 😉 ). However, when we are faced with a situation for growth… when life has blessed us with an opportunity to remember who we are; how very far we have travelled; our memory can be sketchy at best.

My own personal story, although uniquely mine, has an underlying theme which is quite common. At the tender age of ten, my parents divorced; my mom moved to another state. At that time (the early ‘70’s) this was so unheard of that many of my closest friends were ‘not allowed’ to play with me, or even talk to me. At 26, I escaped from an abusive marriage with only a small suitcase and my 13 month old son. After struggling for a few years, I went from living on food-stamps and ‘government cheese’ to a six figure income (in less than 3 years!). I have faced insurmountable odds with little or no ‘perceivable’ resources and, in a MacGuiver-like fashion, found a way where there was no way. Where there were only walls, I commanded a door appear… and it did! This, too, was before I had any awareness of the Laws of Mind; Law of Visioning, Law of Attraction, etc.

So now the million dollar question: After being knocked down (time and time again) and with each clobber, gaining more and more confidence; more resources; more poise… How is it that with an unexpected blow, I can lose my balance so easily? Why is it so easy to forget who I’ve become? One might expect after having been so insecure, so unsure, so un-resourceful… starting from scratch would have been the scariest thing ever. You would think that after all I’ve been through; I would carry a confident resilience, an unstoppable, unshakable knowing from breath to magical breath.

Well, I HAVE done this before! I DO have the resources required … in fact, I have grown more in the past few years (in wisdom and in spirit) that the whole of the years preceding! I teach this stuff! And I KNOW it! I now choose to hold steadfast in faith (which is my vision of hope). It is all a part of a Divine plan to cause growth and expansion in my life. I acknowledge my ‘growing edge’. I nurture myself through right thought, loving words and intentional, deliberate right action (which is always divinely guided). I am an unstoppable force! I have (I am) EVERY resource needed or desired. Nothing holds me back! I walk boldly, grace-fully, confidently from one present moment to the next – knowing that my highest and best good is always waiting for me. I ask it. I claim it. I mark it and command it. And so it is. And SO IT IS!

Until next week~

 Love and blessings~

~Dena D.

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