Release Old Patterns and Step into The Highest Version of You

NLP | Hypnosis | Past Life Regressions

For those who feel uneasy to sit alone in the darkness of their inner world, who sense that they can’t face the flashes and feelings, the memories and insecurities that hold them back…


For those wanting and wishing to move forward, yet keep finding themselves unable to act on the wishes held most closely in the depths of their being —

I am here to sit with you in what you consider the dark,
to show you your own light and power,
to reveal within you (and guide you to heal) that which you are most afraid to face
so that your open heart might expand into the spaces previously inhabited by
your fear, worry and not-enoughness.

Are you longing to allow more grace and ease into your life experience?
Are you ready to take responsibility for your own happiness? Your own Joy?

Sister, are you willing to walk through the door and soar into your higher potential?

Illumination Sessions with Dena

60-75 minute session (in person, via phone or Zoom)


Feeling stuck? Need some direction?
Want to make some changes, but don’t know where to start?

  • Release your barriers with ease, grace and flow
  • Unlock the beliefs that are sabotaging success
  • Remove old patterns so you can achieve the wholeness you crave
There is a plethora of tools that can help you move forward in your life!

Dena typically calls on her background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy for the heavy lifting.

Yet no matter what you are seeking, your session will always be imbued with love, kindness and acceptance.

Both NLP and Hypnosis help to build a bridge between the life you are experiencing and the life you are calling in.

Here is a list of (just a few) things that this type of service can help:
      • Self-Sabotage
      • Unhealthy habits and patterns
      • Issues with Self-esteem
      • Confidence
      • Fear/phobia
      • Feeling stuck
      • Lack of clarity
      • Opening the door to your intuition
      • Regression
      • Stress
      • Anger
      • Grief
      • Calling in a ‘right relationship’
      • Changing your money mindset
      • The list goes on and on!
Because we are working more directly with your subconscious mind, changes can happen literally ‘like magic.’

Of course, every individual’s experience is different. Yet these modalities have stood the test of time. Countless clients (both individuals and in groups) have shifted seemingly impossible challenges and struggles in a very short time.


After a quick discussion, Dena will help you get clarity around your end game. Then, you get to take a nice little lie down – hailed as some of the most zen and relaxing experiences – ever.

She has the most amazing way of honing in; finding the right language that your ‘deep and intuitive mind’ will understand and trust. Once you are in that beautiful space between rest and awareness, your new, empowering ‘seeds’ are planted.


Back to the cause

Regress back to the root of a reoccurring struggle or challenge (can be in this life or past life/s)


Past Life Regression

One of the most popular hypnosis sessions!
Have an affinity with a certain time/location on earth?
It could be that you’ve been there!
Or maybe there’s a person that attracts (or repels) you. It could be that you’ve been connected during one or more lifetimes

Higher Self

Ascend levels of conscious into a state of knowingness
Explore your Soul’s Path, Your Mission and how it connects to the ‘big picture’

All sessions will come with post-session tools that will help you integrate and grow your newfound empowerment. We’ll discuss these at the end of your session and you’ll receive a follow-up email too.

**If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, have a mental disorder, are currently depressed or misusing drugs, this service is not appropriate for you. Please seek sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare professional.

Meet Your Future Self

Guided Meditation

During this meditation, you will meet and have a conversation with your Future Self. Like sitting on a cozy couch, having tea with the most loving being you could ever imagine… the essence of You!

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