Our minds are wired to wander into the past (rehashing past experiences) and drift into the future… (projecting potential outcomes). Yet a Leap in Consciousness is only available when we are in the Present Moment. To prepare for your leap, the most powerful skill you can add to your toolbox is the practice of being present. There is also something to be said about appreciation. Focusing on ‘a thing’ that we appreciate creates a plethora of feel-good chemicals. This simple meditation will help you do both— train yourself to be present and anchor your body and mind to a profound state of appreciation.

Put your headphones on for this 15-minute Present Moment Appreciation Meditation>>>

“Everything is energy. All energy has frequency.”

Dena’s gift is the ability to tap into your Soul’s Purpose (frequency) and create a resonant bridge between your current frequency (path) and the frequency of your higher potential (purpose). As you align with your greater potential, you create a ripple in your energy fields influencing you on multiple levels and dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, etc.). THIS is the space where magic (and LEAPS in consciousness) become more frequent and fun!






Client Stories

Dena is a wonderful human being who is all about serving others! Her heart is generous, creative, and uplifting. She is great at holding a loving space for anyone who needs some support. Thank you,Dena, for sharing your gifts with the world and with me!”
Teresa Lisum
Working or playing with Dena is a joy! She is so adept in organizing energy so that it more accurately reflects what’s optimal for your being. If it’s on the emotional level, she will soothe and guide you to a new belief. If it’s in the mental realm she will offer alternative wisdoms. If in the physical she will uncover the origin and soothe the tissue. In the energetic and for all bodies she is a master at weaving energies to support your healing and optimal health. I am grateful for Dena and all the love she pours into the work she does.


Leadership advisor, coach, mentor and consultant


During my work with Dena, I was feeling so enveloped with a loving light. I remember wishing I was in a very heavy blanket, coccooned—because that was what it felt like in my feelings.

Meet Your Future Self

Guided Meditation

During this meditation, you will meet and have a conversation with your Future Self. Like sitting on a cozy couch, having tea with the most loving being you could ever imagine… the essence of You!